A Decade of Blogging

Time surely flies fast. It’s been 9 years since I first started blogging. A lot of things have happened in between. Started as an online diary, the blog has grown a lot, following the growth of myself.

The blog has sprung up a niche blog Ngasa Korea, as well as programming tips Meramu Koding. And just recently, the very blog A Jar of Minds has been redone with a new concept.

Profile Building

During the course of my career as an independent web developer, I have come to realize that it is important to build a profile, especially when you work independently. As a guy with multitude interests, my original website is sort of rujak in term of contents. Personal life stories and self reflections, rants, travel posts, programming tips, kpop, and so on, are scattered in A Jar of Minds.

Because I like to read blog, I truly understand the problem with too diverse subjects within a single blog or website. Suppose I want to read a programming tricks. I came to a blog via a google search. However, if I found the article is useful and interesting and want to read further of related contents, I would have to skip through a bunch of unrelated posts until I found one. Sure there is category list, but still, it’s not the best practice.

That’s why I decided to give my website, along with A Jar of Minds, a focus on programming with a professional profile. Talking about programming subjects, I have another blog before, Meramu Koding, which was branched from A Jar of Minds. Shortly, the blog will be merge back to A Jar of Minds, and Meramu Koding will be deactivated. And, all non-related posts will be removed from the blog.

While I’m on it, I also decided to rebrand my website jar2.net, including A Jar of Minds, with my new nickname: Rafferone.

Inkless Paper

With all these truncating and personal rebranding thing, that doesn’t mean old blog posts are gone. Those posts are now available at my new blog, Inkless Paper (which you are reading right now). The original blog will retain topics only related to programming, and my career as a web developer in particular.

What to read

Now that we have two blogs, which one to subscribe? Well, why not both? Haha. But it depends. If you are more interested in programming subjects, the original A Jar of Minds (now Rafferone) has them. If you are more interested in me (ahem), with some random posts, then go ahead reading Inkless Paper.

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