A Decade of Blogging

Time surely flies fast. It’s been 9 years since I first started blogging. A lot of things have happened in between. Started as an online diary, the blog has grown a lot, following the growth of myself.

The blog has sprung up a niche blog Ngasa Korea, as well as programming tips Meramu Koding. And just recently, the very blog A Jar of Minds has been redone with a new concept.

Profile Building

During the course of my career as an independent web developer, I have come to realize that it is important to build a profile, especially when you work independently. As a guy with multitude interests, my original website is sort of rujak in term of contents. Personal life stories and self reflections, rants, travel posts, programming tips, kpop, and so on, are scattered in A Jar of Minds.

Because I like to read blog, I truly understand the problem with too diverse subjects within a single blog or website. Suppose I want to read a programming tricks. I came to a blog via a google search. However, if I found the article is useful and interesting and want to read further of related contents, I would have to skip through a bunch of unrelated posts until I found one. Sure there is category list, but still, it’s not the best practice.

That’s why I decided to give my website, along with A Jar of Minds, a focus on programming with a professional profile. Talking about programming subjects, I have another blog before, Meramu Koding, which was branched from A Jar of Minds. Shortly, the blog will be merge back to A Jar of Minds, and Meramu Koding will be deactivated. And, all non-related posts will be removed from the blog.

While I’m on it, I also decided to rebrand my website jar2.net, including A Jar of Minds, with my new nickname: Rafferone.

Inkless Paper

With all these truncating and personal rebranding thing, that doesn’t mean old blog posts are gone. Those posts are now available at my new blog, Inkless Paper (which you are reading right now). The original blog will retain topics only related to programming, and my career as a web developer in particular.

What to read

Now that we have two blogs, which one to subscribe? Well, why not both? Haha. But it depends. If you are more interested in programming subjects, the original A Jar of Minds (now Rafferone) has them. If you are more interested in me (ahem), with some random posts, then go ahead reading Inkless Paper.

Tooth Surgery (Part 2)

This is the second time I was going for a tooth extraction surgery. After the right side of my mouth recovered I am ready for another surgery. It’s not really fully healed as it will take about 4 to 6 months, but at least now I can eat and chew fried chicken happily with my right side of teeth. My appointment was now set in the morning.

“I want you to be fresh when we do surgery this time.” said the dentist last time.


“Because, you know, in the afternoon after you do a lot of activities your body temperature increases. And it will cause you to lose blood more when under surgery.” she added.

I see. I agreed with her and here I were at the dentist in the morning. I have had a big breakfast, just as suggested by the pretty lady at the reception desk when I was about to leave the dental center last time, followed by her “Thank you, bye!”

Let’s do it!

This time I feel like an experienced patient after having my first wisdom tooth extraction surgery that time. I had to extract all my four wisdom teeth, with two of them on the bottom requiring surgery. The right bottom and top are gone already. It’s now for my bottom left wisdom tooth. The procedure would be the same as before, right?

Before we began, my dentist asked me whether I want to check out the X-ray scan again. “Okay, jom!” We went to the X-ray room to check the scan that I had a few weeks ago.

We saw my tooth was bent to the side instead of growing straight up. “Wisdom tooth comes in very different shapes, and it pushes the other teeth because there is not enough room. That’s why we want to take out that naughty tooth.” she explained. In my case the root was curvy and it touched my jaw bone. She mentioned that in order to take it out, she would have to drill my bone. Ouch!

Still, based on the scan we are both pretty confident that the bottom left wisdom teeth surgery would be more straightforward than last time. The bottom right wisdom tooth was pushing down my nerve system so it imposed more risk when doing the surgery. Previously, it took us about one hour to finish the surgery. How about now?

My longest record for keeping my mouth open

“First, she will give me anesthetics.” I said in my head recalling the procedure, “Then she will let me rest for a while until I feel numbness on my lips.”

She would always told me beforehand what she’s going to do, so I have a clear idea of what was going on. Once in a while she will check how far the anesthetics had affected.

“It has reached here now.” I told her while touching my lip.

“Okay good. Do you bring your headphone?” she asked.

Ah right! Just like last time, she let me listen to my favorite music while she performed the surgery.

Minute by minute passed…

While laying on the bed, I could see the clock hanging on the wall behind the dentist. Half an hour has passed already. I could feel the struggle to take out my tooth. It didn’t want to leave my mouth. My mouth was its only home. I know. But it must leave for good. She decided to take a break and extract my upper tooth first.

After the upper tooth came out, she continued working on my lower tooth.

I saw the minute hand of the clock has pointed to number twelve. One hour has passed already. The dentist looked tired, I was tired, the assistant was also looked tired. We were all tired. They were wearing surgical mask, so all I could see was their eyes and the reflections were not that bright. So we took a break again.

After a good break I felt the mood had lighten up. We continued the surgery. There were drilling to the bone and pulling, another drilling and pulling, until finally it popped out. It took another one hour to finish.

So that’s my two hours of keeping my mouth open! Still, I’m thankful it all went well.

On the scan I could only see two roots, but when she showed me the tooth, there were one, two, three, four roots! Surely it was a naughty tooth. A very naughty one.

Tooth Surgery (Part 1)

“I want to take out all these four wisdom teeth, Mr. Fajar” said my dentist.

After listening to the explanations I agreed that there are more benefits to take out these late popping teeth. Both for my health and also for allowing more spaces to push back my teeth when doing braces. Alright so we arranged another appointment to do the extraction surgery.

Yes, it’s a surgery.

Two of my wisdom teeth on the lower jaw are partially covered by gum, so it couldn’t be taken out with normal extraction procedure.

The day before the said appointment date I got a phone call. “Hi Mr. Fajar, this is from Solaris Dental Center.” a person behind the line introduced, “We would like to remind you for tomorrow’s appointment at 2pm. Please have a big lunch before coming.” I remembered that voice was from the pretty young lady working at the receptionist desk there. And her signature closing “Thank you, bye…”

The first surgery in my life

On the appointed date I came to the dentist. I thought they are gonna take out all four teeth today. But no, it’s only one for today. Phew! I was both relieved and slightly annoyed. Because it means there is another surgery and extractions I have to attend for the next three.

I was brought to the X-ray room to scan my jaw. “Please stand here and bite this device.” said an assistant. After I positioned myself following the instructions, she told me to close my eyes during the process. I closed my eyes. I could hear she started the machine followed by a door closing. I didn’t feel a presence. Looks like they went out to avoid the x-ray light. The light must be dangerous, otherwise how could it see the bone through the flesh. I closed my eyes firm.

We checked out the scanned picture with the dentist. She told me the tooth she want to take out today. It’s the lower right wisdom tooth. Between the roots of the teeth there is a line along the joint of the jaw to the chin. “That’s the big nerve.” On the picture I saw the nerve is pushed a bit down by my wisdom tooth. This was a bit risky that the nerve might be touched when taking out the tooth. If it happened (I hope not) it would cause numbness around the chin and lips. Ah I remembered there’s a clause on the consent letter I needed to sign before the procedure. It’s quite a long list of risks and side effects that might happen during and after surgery. It sounds scary I tell you. But the dentist explain it line by line about the likeliness of each risk and side effect, why it could happen, and whether it is a temporary or permanent damage and how to treat it for recovery. She also convinced me about procedures to cope permanent risk such as nerve damage. If it is risky she would cut the root and leave it there. The leftover would not cause a problem because it is not a foreign object. And overtime the body might either move it to the surface and pop it out or merge it into the jaw bone.

All seemed OK and I trust my dentist.

These days I have been reading books about how important it is to surrender to life, live the moment, and let life reveal each moment without worrying or trying to control the future. I was relaxed. No, actually inside I felt excited. “This gonna be fun!” I thought.

This is the fun part. When I surrender myself to the moment, rather than anxiously thinking what’s gonna happen next, I was curiously embracing what’s gonna happen next.

First she injected anesthetics to the right side of my mouth. Then she let me rest for around 10 minutes. I felt my cheek becoming swollen. Actually it wasn’t. My cheek was still normal. I only couldn’t feel it. Occasionally she touched my cheek or my lip. “Can you feel the numbness here?” Then finally she poke inside my mouth. “Can you feel it?”

“No I can’t”

“Okay good.”

She let me to put on my headphone and play my favorite music. She understood that the drilling sound might be unpleasant to hear. By putting a headphone it could reduce the sound, but I could still hear it inside my head.

During the surgery I felt nothing but the pressure when she tried to pull. Sometimes I felt something wet on my tongue or on the other side of the cheek. I know this taste. It tasted like blood. But then it went away. I didn’t drink it. So where did it go? There is another device like a straw that is put inside my mouth. I think it was blowing something that made my mouth dry. Later I realized it’s not blowing but sucking. It sucks my blood and saliva so it’s dry.

She cut the top part of my tooth, then cut the rest into two so she could take out the root one by one.

I just focus listening on the music and stare blankly. Then she checked me, “Are you okay?” I can’t speak with my mouth open. I gave an OK sign with my hand. Then she continued drilling.

In the middle of the procedure I started feeling pain. It’s like a pain when you got a cavity and eating sweet food. “Is ain he..” I said. She give another anesthetic shot and rest for a few minutes before continuing. “Are you OK now?” Another OK sign from me.

It took about one hour to finish. Phew. So that’s how it is going on a surgery.

After it finishes I received a bunch of medicines and I took a painkiller before leaving the dentist center. Bye bye my tooth.

Post surgery days

The surgery itself is not the worst compared to the days after, as the dentist had warned me before. My cheek became more swollen. The first night when I was about to sleep, I could feel my jaw is replaying the surgery. I felt some pressure, drilling, being pushed and pulled, even though there’s nothing.

The next day I woke up to brush my teeth. I am trying to remember all the instructions to take care for my recovery. No gargling, no rinsing, brush gently. Alright.

I saw myself in the mirror and there was trace of blood coming out from my mouth. I might make a good vampire model who just had a good blood meal the night before! It’s perfectly normal to have some bleeding for one or two days.

I can only eat cold food and drink for these one two days. Back then the lady at reception desk told me to eat yogurt or ice cream. I bought both and have a feast to celebrate myself. Last dinner was nice even though it’s quite difficult to swallow the ice cream. I ate happily. Then another yogurt and ice cream for breakfast. Then another yogurt and ice cream for lunch. Then another yogurt and ice cream for dinner.

Okay that’s enough. I got sick of yogurt and ice cream now. By the day two I switched to ice porridge. I mean rice porridge put into freezer a few minutes before serving. I wonder if I could try something else. How about banana? It’s soft right? Nope, it was not soft enough when I tried to chew. I went back to porridge.

It took about 10 days until I no longer feel the pain and could eat normally. When the day came, it’s time to celebrate with a fried chicken!

Another tooth extraction

I have arranged another appointment two weeks after surgery to take out the stitches and extract the upper wisdom teeth. It’s not a surgery this time.

I sat on the patient chair. The dentist applied a red colored gel which tastes like strawberry candy. Then began to take out the tooth. It took a lot less time to remove. My tooth came out in whole. Now I only have 30 teeth. Bye bye my tooth!

Although it’s not as intense as the surgery, I still needed to eat yogurt for the first day, and take a painkiller when necessary. But this time I didn’t see swelling. And the best thing is, I could eat fried chicken on the third day already! Yay for another fried chicken!

Dear My Friends

Dear my friends,

Sometimes there are ups and downs in life. Sometime it’s so up high that I didn’t notice my surrounding. Sometime it’s so down that I wished I could have you on my side. Sometime I just missed you so much that I kept calling your names.

As time passed, we are all taking separate paths to fulfill our dreams. What a lonely journey it is! I wished you took the same path and walked together. But no, even when you told me that your destination might be the same as mine, but you were taking different route. And I knew that’s the best path for you, as much as the path I’m taking for me.

So I wonder if you ever feel the same as you go through the journey?

— 2014.02.18

This writing popped up when I was doing my “journal burning” ritual. While it was written 2 years ago it still rings true to me so I thought I wanted to share it on my blog. Hope you are all doing well!

Stuff is not important. People are. Fun is. Passion is.

When we were born, we didn’t bring anything to the world. And when we die, we wouldn’t bring anything from the world. Then why would we live our lives accumulating stuffs and being attached with them which only lose all their meaning once we leave this world?

It is very common for people to acquire so many things which accumulates overtime. Sure those stuffs are important for us to live our life. But being attached to stuffs is not. Instead of supporting our work and making life better, this attachment becomes a burden and hinders us from going towards our passion and life calling.

A blog post I recently read on minimalist living has a statement that I am agree with.

Stuff is not important. People are important. Fun is important. Pursuing your passion is important.

I realized that during the past 3 years I was too much into acquiring stuffs and forgot about the real reason why I need those stuffs in the first place. Built a home theater PC and collecting movies and musics but forgot to have fun. Getting phone numbers but forgot to connect and hang out with people. Accepting works and opportunities but forgot to do what I really want to pursue.

Talking about what I want to pursue, I always want to live a nomadic lifestyle which allows me to learn more about the uniqueness of each part of the world. And by experiencing the world I would get opportunities to contribute back to the world. Thanks to globalization and technology, this kind of journey becomes possible and more accessible.

When I for the first time came to Jakarta for college, I literally only brought a few clothes, a pair of shoes, camera, and a few tidbits in a container. I had no attachment to stuffs, even from the stuffs I left back home. How wonderful that time was. It was so light and I had no problems going anywhere.

All you see is all I had, plus some clothes in the cabinet.
All you see is all I had, plus some clothes in the cabinet.

Yet as years goes by, I accumulate more and more things. And I became comfortable to stay in this city for years. Now that I have reminded of my passion, it became hard for me to leave this city even though I really want to. How am I suppose to dump all these stuffs? That now I have furnitures, stove, refrigerator, and those bulky items which make me wonder how do I get rid of these items. But more importantly, there are stuffs with memories in them.

Sometimes I get caught with the social norm that the success of life is defined by the things you have. And happiness is measured by how prestigious the items you own. No it is not.

Just a few months ago, I was still eagerly browsing and buying new furnitures, cutlery, television, and so on and so on to fill in the empty apartment to make it as homey as possible. I was projecting my five years plan to buy an apartment in the same building so it made sense to just think the current unit as my home. It’s a carefully planned life journey and it all felt worth it until I shifted my paradigm.

I gain a new perspective.

No longer I feel the need to buy more matching cutlery sets. I have everything I need to cook and eat well. No longer I become absorbed in building a perfect HTPC set as a prerequisites to have fun myself and invite others to join. It’s not a prerequisites to have fun. It’s just a tool.

While I might be getting rid of so many stuffs in the near future, it is not the point of being minimalist, but a side effect of being content and non-attached. I begin to understand it. I will post another article on how I get rid most of my stuffs. Of course this is only my personal view, which I believe is aligned with my goals and values. Everyone has their own values, goals and ways to achieve them.

Hope as I walk through the year I could always remember that stuff is not important. People are. Fun is. Passion is.


Valentine’s Day’s Wire Crafting

What’s a better activity for a single on Valentine’s day? When I just didn’t feel like going anywhere outside. When rain poured heavily outside, adding a bit more mellow atmosphere. I just enjoyed myself playing with a roll of soldering lead I found in my toolbox.

Soldering lead is much better than using twist tie or common iron wire since it’s very soft and flexible. Its softness has downsides too. A single wire can’t stand and support its own weight. Also it’s easily break after too many twists.

My first attempt on making a male wire figure: success! My second attempt on making a female wire figure: not so success. It’s a bit out of proportion, especially compared to the first figure.

Lastly, happy valentine’s day!

My Book Collection

Following up my 2016 resolute attempt for minimalist living and to break attachment with books, I’m listing out books which I have, and books I no longer have which I might need later for reference.

Self Development

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People : Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Stephen R. Covey // Simon & Schuster // 0743269519

How to be Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
Jessica Hagy // Workman Publishing // 9780761174707

Lead to Bless Leader
Paulus Bambang WS // PT Elex Media Komputindo // 9789792750591

Success Through Character
Jakoep Ezra // Penerbit Andi // 9797632997


Pandangan Dunia : Bagaimana Orang-orang Memandang Tuhan
Trinamawati (Penerjemah) // Yayasan Gloria // 6029254073

Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible
Discovery House Publishers // 9781414361956


국립국어원 // 세종학당재단

국립국어원 // 세종학당재단 // 9788996994718

국립국어원 // 세종학당재단 // 9788996994725

국립국어원 // 세종학당재단 // 9788996994732

국립국어원 // 세종학당재단 // 9788996994763

안영호 // 한국외국어대학교 출판부 // 9788974640781

정영림 // 한국외국어대학교 출판부 // 9788974646967

Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary
Merriam Webster Inc // 9780877795506

Sundanese English Dictionary
R. R. Hardjadibrata // Pustaka Jaya // 9794193216

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia Pusat Bahasa (Edisi Keempat)
Departemen Pendidikan Nasional // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792238419

Design & IT

The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design
Flint Dille // Watson-Guptill Publications // 158065066X

Designing with the Mind in Mind : Simple Guide to Understanding User Interface Design Rules
Jeff Johnson // Elsevier Science & Technology // 012375030X

365 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers
Laurel Saville // Page One Publishing Pte Ltd // 9789814286404


Data Structures Using C
Reema Thareja // OUP India // 0198065442

Books I no longer have. Kept for my reference.

Self Development

The Rules of Work (Second Edition)
Richard Templar // Pearson Education // 9780273730262

Your Road Map for Success (Terjemahan Indonesia)
John C. Maxwell // MIC Publishing // 6028482390


Keep Your Hand Moving
Anwar Holid // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792258448

Proses Kreatif Menulis Cerpen
Hermawan Aksan // Penerbit Nuansa Cendekia // 9786023500048

Nulis itu “Dipraktekin”
Tim Wesfix // Penerbit Grasindo // 9786022513957

Genius Menulis : Penerang Batin Para Penulis
Faiz Manshur // Penerbit Nuansa // 9786028394543


Tata Bahasa Korea
Sri Endah Setia Lestari // Kesaint Blanc // 9795933051

Kamahéran Jeung Kaparigelan Aksara Sunda
Elis Suryani NS // Ghalia Indonesia // 9789794506226

Kamus Saku Korea Indonesia Indonesia Korea
Usmi // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792237306

Kamus Saku Prancis Indonesia Indonesia Prancis
Silvia // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792260656


Successful Implementation of KM in Indonesia
Dunamis Publishing // Dunamis Publishing // 9786021880227

Pandji Pragiwaksono // Penerbit Bentang // 9786022911081

Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
Kathleen Allen // Pearson Education // 0132091437

Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees (Second Edition)
Anne Bruce // McGraw Hill // 978007177297


Kitab Sejarah Terlengkap Majapahit
Teguh Panji // Laksana // 9786022960638


Big Basuki
GoPeople! // Penerbit Grasindo // 9786022518150

Habibie : Tak Boleh Lelah dan Kalah!
Fachmy Casofa // Tiga Serangkai // 9786029212907

Andy Noya : Kisah Hidupku
Andy F. Noya // Penerbit Buku Kompas // 9789797099541


Information Technology Project Management
Kathy Schwalbe // Cengage Learning, Inc // 1111221758

Database Systems : A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management (Fifth Edition)
Thomas Connolly // Pearson Education International // 0321601106

Service-Oriented Architecture : Concepts, Technology, and Design
Erl Thomas // Pearson Education // 0131858580

Discovering Computers 2011 : Living in a Digital World, Complete
Gary B. Shelly // Cengage Learning // 1439079269

Strategic Planning for Information Systems
John Ward // John Wiley & Sons Ltd // 0470841478

IT (Information Technology) Portfolio Management Step-by-Step : Unlocking the Business Value of Technology
Brian Maizlish // John Wiley & Sons Ltd // 0471649848

IT Systems Management
Rich Schiesser // Pearson Education // 0137025068

Design & IT

Paduan Lengkap Editing Video dengan Adobe Premier Pro CS4
MADCOMS // Penerbit Andi // 9789792909630

60 Aplikasi PLC-Mikro
Dian Artanto // PT Elex Media Komputindo // 9786020029283

Membangun Aplikasi Mobile dengan Qt SDK
Erick Kurniawan // Penerbit Andi // 9789792927214

Android : Pemrograman Aplikasi Mobile Smartphone dan Tablet PC Berbasis Android
Nazruddin Safaat H. // Penerbit Informatika // 9786028758529


Kevin Loo // City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur // 9789671066225

Phil Pringle // PaX Ministries Pty Ltd // 9780646552415

You The Leader
Phil Pringle // Attributes Publishing // 0975190512


Frank Herbert // Penguin Putnam Inc // 0441172717

Catching Fire (Terjemahan Indonesia)
Suzanne Collins // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792259810

Mockingjay (Terjemahan Indonesia)
Suzanne Collins // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792278439

Agatha Christie’s Poirot : The Life and Times of Hercule Poirot
Anne Hart // HarperCollinsPublishers // 9780006499572

Misteri Tujuh Lonceng
Agatha Christie // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792283679

Kubur Berkubah
Agatha Christie // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792291568

Penelusuran Benang Merah Sherlock Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle // PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama // 9789792290127


Himpunan Peraturan tentang Ketenagakerjaan, UMP, UMK, UMR & Pengawasannya Tahun 2013
PT Tamita Utama // 9786027531253

Panduan Lengkap Pajak
Yustinus Prastowo // Raih Asa Sukses // 9789790130814


My Life in a Diagram

Today is the middle of January. All the hype and euforia of new year celebration has gone by now. Television and social media are no longer filled with “new year resolution” broadcasts. But you know that there is something more matter. Have you written down your own new year resolution?

Years after years it’s always been the same. Writing “new year, new me” stuffs and realizing the year after that so many things were not accomplished. Then another “I am commited this year” only to be dissapointed by the next year. Until I began lowering my expectations to the point of thinking “let’s not plan anything grand and just go with the flow.” And guess what happened? Surely as low as the expectation, so did the results. Underachieving and dissapointed. I learned it the hard way by a year that was “wasted”.

I know I am a dreamer. There are something big and meaningful goals to accomplish in life. Sometimes it is just too big that it seems impossible which wears me down. Sometimes there are too many that I am troubled to focus. But not doing anything is more frustrating because those goals become farther and so out of reach.

That’s why during past two years I have been keeping a list of what I want to accomplish in life, what I should do to reach those accomplishments, and refining it over and over again.

Until recently I found a better tool to keep track of it, by making life diagram. Kind of a flowchart. It helps me to breakdown a big, somewhat impossible, goal into a set of smaller goals. Then break those goals further into yet smaller goals. Those mini goals serves as milestones to let me know that I am progressing toward that big goal. Even more further, I take those milestones into action plans. It goes like this:

    This is just a simplified sample. My actual diagram is kind of messy.
This is just a simplified sample. My actual diagram is kind of messy.

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with some of that milestones. I don’t know where to tie the string to. But it’s okay to leave it as is. As long as it is written, I know it is there. I can always go back to my diagram any time in my life to revise it. Even the connected graphs may get revised later with additions of milestones in between. Life is not perfect, it is a constant improvement.

To make sure they are not just an empty dreams, I rearrange those milestones into time groups. The timeline are divided to this year, +1, +5, +10 and so on. With this I could tell where I am at the moment, what I need to do, and why I am doing what I do.

Even if I jump over doing seemingly drastically unrelated activities, I could map how it relates to which goal. Like what is the relation between “get married” and “world tour”? Don’t be surprised. Even the “get married” node is related to “jogging” in my real diagram. Sometimes only I know the relationship between two nodes in the graph. But in case I forgot about it, the diagram helps me to recall.

Writing down life goals doesn’t always have to be done on new year. Therefore my “new year resolution” is not actually a new list of goals that I just write in a night. It’s actually a revision of the list I had since years ago, with added action plans.

Finally I could tie that dream far in the sky with a long long rope which I could hold. As high as a kite could fly, now I could roll the string round by round until I grab that kite. The wind may be strong, and the string may be rolling back, but I would never lose a grip to pull it back.

It’s December 31st

It’s December 31st. The very last day like any other years, there are so many things going on through my mind. A roll of memories quickly rolling over the mind playing back past events I’ve been through. A list of achievements reached. A longer list of year-long goals yet to be met. A set of episodes embracing unexpected, unforgettable moments.

It’s December 31st. Isn’t it the day to stop for a moment to take a broader look at myself. Why am I who I am now? Am I happy with what I have become til this day? Does the stuffs I did adds values to my life?

It’s December 31st. It was not perfect. More goals might still be far far away despite a year-long marathon. But there’s no place for regret to slip in. It was an awesome year anyway. There were days of discovery. There were days of tiresome walks. There were days knowing that it’s worth all the efforts. Contentment is a perfect choice.

It’s December 31st. It’s time to prepare for great goodness to come.